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 The Origins Of _Bloodline_

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PostSubject: The Origins Of _Bloodline_   Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:20 pm

BloodLine Clan was created by two brothers
who before  was just  a comon Socom players in Socom 3.
They started with just joining a regular Clan
but as time past the brothers did not like the rules
regulated with in the Clan.
The rules was too tight and it was no longer fun anymore.
So the two brothers left the clan and thus created a clan of their own
at first the original name was Sonz Of Apocalypz,
and then their was Brothers Of Apocalypz,
but they both settle on naming it BloodLine 
Blood thicker than water. Recruiting members was hard and fustrating.
At first the brothers would not see eye to eye
and it didn't look like Bloodline would last but they held strong
and met 3 special players  BillyBad, Scappy-Doo, and Voteg.
The Core of the bloodliine was set.  Once there was 2 leader now there were 5.
Every one was equal in rank no one was above the other.
They just went out and played and had fun,
there was rules but the rules were fair.
The 5 leader began to recruit players,
players that were disbanded from their old clan and found a home with Bloodline.
The rules were simple the Bloodline family comes first
no judging or disrespect of clan members or other clans.
play to have fun and not take this game or any lost too serious.
As time past bloodline flowed,  members joined and members left,
Roster were combined and divided the 5 leaders eventually took on other endeavors
the strain of keeping bloodline flowing was too much for one leader
and eventually Bloodline ran dry.
With the news of a new Socom confrontation arriving the heart started beating
there was blood flow not much but there was life flowing through bloodline again.
A new chapter was forming 2 leaders came back
to resurrect life back to the Bloodline chapter. 
B1llyBad and Dead-Reckoning the last of the 5 leaders. 
Thanks for the hard work Billy.

!!!!!Basictext, Dead-Reckoning, BillyBad, Voteg, Scappy.  the 5 leaders!!!!!


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The Origins Of _Bloodline_
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