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 Sony @ E3 2011

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PostSubject: Sony @ E3 2011   Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:58 pm

Some rumors stolen from AVS about Sony reveals at this year's E3....

- NGP/PSP2 will be named the PlayStation Vita with pricing and launch date
- God of War sequel
- New Syphon Filter PS3 release
- Syphon Filter HD collection of PSP titles for the PS3
- Devil May Cry 1-3 HD collection
- Agent info
- Price and launch date for the Ico/SotC HD collection
- WipEout Trinity, a PS3 sequel
- Sly Cooper 4 reveal for the PS3
- Guerrilla Games (Killzone developer) new franchise announcement
- PS3 price drop
- Kojima (MGS developer) "taboo" project announcement
- Updated Sorcery demonstration
- Final Fantasy VII HD announcement
- Quantic Dream (Heavy Ran developer) reveal of new PS3 game
- Media Molecule (Little Big Planet developer) reveal of a new PS3 RPG game
- Diablo 3 console announcement

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Sony @ E3 2011
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