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  Sony can't promise PSN is now hack-proof...

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PostSubject: Sony can't promise PSN is now hack-proof...   Tue May 31, 2011 10:05 pm

A month after the now historic PSN breach, Sony's PlayStation Network service is now wheeling itself back to normalcy. But is the threat really over?

Despite adding in new and tougher security systems, Sony says they still can't guarantee that it won't happen again. This was confessed by Kazuo Hirai, saying, "No security system is absolutely foolproof, and changing conditions in the future can make a currently secure environment less secure."
"These gaps in what we know are not for lack of trying by experts, but rather an unfortunate testament to the skill of those who perpetrated the attacks. Some aspects of the intrusion may never be known."
While the restoration underway, the PlayStation Store remains to be decommissioned, despite rumors that it will be going live earlier this week. Asia, for its part, has also just begun on its restoration phase of the PSN. It has been estimated that the whole rehabilitation of the PS3's online service will cost up to US$ 17 million.

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Sony can't promise PSN is now hack-proof...
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